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Affiliate - Influencer Program Management

Our team managed by our 20 year Affiliate marketing Veteran Heather Paulson makes it easy for you to market your products all over the world using brand partners also referred to as influencers or affiliates who are only paid on commission on a sale.

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  • Prag Shah,Vice President  Online Channels & User Experience

    "At Network Solutions, we run a large affiliate sales and marketing program, and needed a multi-faceted affiliate agency that can help us strategically and tactically for continued growth. Heather and her account team  have been invaluable to our efforts. Heather Paulson's knowledge of the affiliate industry, client focus, responsiveness, and integrity are commendable. The entire staff is professional and a delight to work with on a daily basis."

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  • Tim Walter, Senior Marketing Manager

    "I can’t believe that peak is almost done! Thanks for working so hard with Erin to make our Peak season a success. The two of you have produced some fantastic numbers this year, I can’t wait to see the peak recap!"

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Smoky Muehlstein Precious Moments

I just wanted to say THANKS for the record setting 6 figure November for affiliate sales in Google and for breaking into new 5 figure territory in Linkshare.

Let's keep up the good work and we will be adding more networks to manage in 2011.

Thanks again to each of you."

Affiliate - Social Media - SEO - Klaviyo - Okendo

Our Team Manages Everything

Global Affiliate - Influencer Program Management

The Partner Agency team makes it easy for your brand to market your products all over the world using brand partners also referred to as influencers or affiliates who are only paid on commission. Let's have our affiliate management team start working on increasing your sales today! Talk to us

Social Media Management

Our team uses Sprout Social, Box and basecamp. We move fast on developing your static and video media and we get results..

PR & SEO Services

Our team can optimize your website, your blog and send out an SEO optimized Press release with custom media to get your brand awarness - singing.

Klaviyo + Okendo

Our team has Klaviyo certified members who can manage your Klaviyo newsletter and SMS Marketing needs as well we can manage your Okendo account.

Our CMO has 20 Years Experience

  • American Greetings

    A large affiliate program we managed that had a large asset request list. We also managed the Card Store program and recruited affiliates for all networks.

  • Alen

    We are currently managing this growing affiliate program in Impact & ShareaSale. Sign up in Impact here. If you are a super affiliate contact us for placement requests.

  • Smarthome

    We managed this affiliate program for over 6 years before the company was sold. This affiliate program required a large scale action plan concerning media management.

  • Build a Bear

    When the team launched the Build a Bear affiliate program our Media Director Barbara ensured all brand assets were cohesive.

  • The Landing World Affiliate Program

    The Landing World

    When a new activewear brand asked us to launch their affiliate program we said YES! We are currently managing this affiliate program in ShareaSale. Sign up here.

  • Hat Country

    Our team loves creating media for our affiliate partners, we also creat any custom requests. This program was fun to manage.